Planning the type of solo trips that I do is hard work. I already have thousands of places I want to visit in my private uMaps, and people are adding to my public list. When I decide on an area to visit, I already have plenty of places to visit in that area. Breaking that down into manageable daily trips is hard.

So why not use AI to do the hard work for me?

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

A naive approach to this problem is K-Means Clustering. Given a list of GPS coordinates, cluster them into a predefined number of clusters of locations.


In the first edition of this series we finished in Kabul, Afghanistan. As discussed in that post, there aren’t actually any passenger trains running to Afghanistan, and so we’ll need to take the safest route to a train station in a neighboring country.

The bridge to Uzbekistan

On our previous trip to Afghanistan our guide wouldn’t take us south of Kabul by road, and so our best option is to retrace our steps back north to Uzbekistan. …

Earlier this year we spent a week of exploring around northern Afghanistan. And to answer the obvious question — because we could.

The journey was mostly organised by Lupine Travel, who arranged the tour with a local guide and provided some support in arranging a visa. Really the only option for flying to Mazari Sharif for a westerner is via Istanbul, and so the trip was scheduled (and rescheduled) around these infrequent flights.

There’s a huge amount of important world history happened in northern Afghanistan, but so much of this is not very well known — even locally. …

Hello, and welcome to the first in what will hopefully become a series of posts on fantasy travel plans. We are known for doing some ridiculous adventuring, but some trips are so epic that even we haven’t yet completed them.

In this first post, we’re going to plan a trip from Yorkshire to Afghanistan to take place in Autumn of 2019, departing on a Thursday morning. We’re picking this time period because one of the train services we are relying on is a seasonal one which only runs in Spring and Autumn, and the first irregular service departs Paris on…

We have recently completed a world tour of all non-US Disney parks, and of these Shanghai is the one that people seem to know least about. As one of the newest parks it features some of the newest and most impressive attractions alongside versions of old favorites.

Shanghai Disneyland is the perfect example of Disney catering to local audiences, with a Mandarin version of Frozen Singalong (although even the locals were singing in English in places) and Chinese variations of Disney theme park foods.

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